The United States of America includes the Turkish government in the list of countries involved in child recruitment because of its support for a Syrian faction


Human Rights Organization in Afrin: The United States of America announced the inclusion of Turkey in the list of countries involved in child recruitment during the past year, in its new report for the year 2021, related to human trafficking and its support for the Sultan Murad Division (Free Syrian National Army) in Syria with a Turkmen majority, as well as the recruitment of children in Libya, and the need to address this issue.

The US State Department also urged Turkey, as a respected regional leader and member of NATO, that it has the opportunity to address the issue, while the US State Department did not clarify whether it wanted to impose restrictions on it in this regard.

The ministry also accused Turkey of recruiting children and transferring Sultan Murad fighters to Libya and Azerbaijan within the framework of military operations in the two countries.

Noting that the restrictions and measures taken in such cases include assistance in ensuring security and issuing commercial permits for the sale of some military equipment.