Turkish bombing in coordination with Russia ahead of the Astana “Nur-Sultan” meetings

.The Human rights organization in Afrin: The Turkish forces and the armed militias loyal to them, from their positions on the outskirts of the city of Marea – the northern countryside of Aleppo, bombed on Monday evening on 05/07/2021 Shahba area and the surrounding villages (Umm Al-Hosh – Hasajik) with several artillery shells, including Al-Wahshiya village. Near the stationing of the Russian forces, which left material damage to the houses, it also led to a state of panic and fear in the hearts of the forcibly displaced residents of the Afrin region, who are being held in the Shahba region, knowing that two days ago, the Turkish forces bombed the village of Ain Daqnah and the Minagh military airport, which resulted in damage to the property of citizens.

This bombing comes before the periodic meetings that take place between “Russia – Turkey – Iran” with the aim of concluding deals, the continuity of opening border crossings, expanding areas of influence, regardless of the suffering of the Syrian people, and obstructing any step towards resolving the Syrian crisis, that lasted more than ten years.