The mob stripped of moral and human values “The Free Syrian National Army” sabotage and dig up Kurdish graves and steal marble


The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: According to our sources that members of the Siqour al-Shamal Brigade militia, affiliated with the “Free Syrian National Army” have taken control of the village of Sheikh Khourze of Bulbul town, during the past days, Saturday and Sunday, 17-18/07/2021, just before Eid al-Adha and the people’s visit to their dead, committed actions and practices that only the savage mob can do, by vandalizing and digging up graves and stealing marble stones. on actions and practices that only savage mobs do, and the use of these stones in building fences and laying them in front of the houses that were seized by force of arms, without feeling the moral, human and religious values and the sanctity of the remains of the dead.

Note that the cemetery contains the bodies of the people of the village of Sheikh Khourze in its three sections and the surrounding villages (Haftar – Abidane).

This is not the first time for such inhumane practices that distinguish the Free Syrian National Army from the rest of the militants present on the Syrian arena, as they previously destroyed the graves of Jenderes town during the past year, as well as the graves of the village of Hassan Dera of Bulbul town for the same purposes. In addition to several Islamic and Yezidi religious shrines.