Humiliation, kidnapping of the daily practices and actions of the “Free” Syrian National Army


The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: According to our sources that members of the militia of Sultan Suleiman Shah “Al-Amshat” led by the so-called Muhammad Al-Jassim, who are in control of the Shiye town, on Sunday 27/06/2021, kidnapped the citizen Abdo Hassan Shero, nicknamed (Abdo Hiddo), about 50 years old in the town of Shiye, on charges of dealing with the previous administration and taking him to the security headquarters, and he was brutally beaten and tortured for the purpose of extortion and collecting ransom, then, he was released after paying $3000.

In another context, the military police militia released the young man, Mustafa Mihudin Rashid, from the (Filke) family from Shiye town, who resides in the city of Afrin (he works in the sewing field) on Friday 04/06/2021, where he was kidnapped after the Turkish occupation forces entered the Afrin region, and during the arbitrary detention in the notorious Al-Ra’i prison (similar to the regime’s Sednaya prison and Gweran prison by the SDF) he was subjected to various methods of psychological and physical torture and humiliation, as he lost his leg due to torture and also he lost lots of weight and memory.

On the other hand, members of the Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya militia inside the city of Afrin carry out indiscriminate kidnappings of the Kurdish indigenous population, especially the young group of them, without bringing any charges against them, and taking them to prison in the main headquarters located in the village of Kafr Jinnah, beating and torturing them and negotiating with their families for the purpose of material extortion and the collection of the ransom, and after the collection, they are released, and during the past days, we have monitored the names of nine young men.

As for the members of the military police “Free Syrian National Army”, who are at the Al-Qaws checkpoint at the entrance of Afrin city, are blackmailing Kurdish citizens, especially women, including women accompanying their families, by summoning them to the guard’s room and interrogating them, inspecting the governor and checking identity cards, and Keep their families waiting outside without their ability to intervene and ask about the reasons, with intent to insult and collect ransom (bribery).

It is worth mentioning that the armed militias with their various names (military and civil police factions) affiliated with the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian Coalition are trying in various ways to pressure the Kurdish indigenous population in order to displace them, in implementation of the systematic Turkish dictates, agendas and expansionist settlement projects by calling for intervention in the areas that are not under its control, away from national sentiment and bearing national responsibility.