The indiscriminate Turkish bombing of the displaced Kurds

Human rights organization in Afrin: The Turkish military forces continued for two consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday, 10-11/07/202 by launching several artillery and rocket shells from its military headquarters located in the village of Tilfe of Jenderes town towards the Shahba area.

Sources reported that a Turkish reconnaissance plane flew and fired a missile at the town of Tel Rifaat. As a result, five citizens of Afrin were forcibly displaced, who were forcibly displaced, who were detained in the Shahba area and the surrounding villages, and caused material damage to inhabited homes of defenseless civilians and shops. As for the injured, their names are as follows:
1- the child, Muhammad Walid Arab, 10 years old.
2- Suzan Mamo, 30 years old.
3- Zaynab Ahmed Arab, 40 years old, from Rajo town.
4- Hevin Rashid, 40 years old, from Rajo town.
5- Nihad Muhammad Ali, 32 years old, from Jenderes town.

On the other hand, due to the tragic conditions that the people of Afrin suffer from in the Shahba area, most of them flee towards the city of Aleppo, “the regime area,” but the Asayish affiliated with the de-facto authority “ the PYD Administration” pursue and arrest them and force them to stay with their confiscated belongings. Their personal papers, including the confiscation of furniture and food supplies, after reprimanding the fugitives, especially the elderly among them.