The “Free” Syrian National Army, its protector… its thieves


The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: Activists reported that after the Turkish military forces, accompanied by the armed militia loyal to them, took control of the Afrin region, and the Free Syrian National Army systematically carried out theft, looting, armed robbery and seizure. Among them is the militia of Sultan Suleiman Shah “Al-Amshat” led by Muhammad Al-Jassim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, who control the village of Qarmitlq of Shiye town,  at the begging of their entering the aforementioned village stole the electric generator that feeds the village with water and operates the pump.

The organization added that two days ago Abu Amsha imposed on the Kurdish indigenous population to pay a sum of 50 US dollar for each house to buy a new generator and provide drinking water.


Activists added that the leader of the Hamzat militia Abu Sultan controls of the village of Kokane of Mabata town invited the people to meet at the village’s Mukhtar house and inform them of the decision for collecting the financial royalty of 300 Turkish liras, in exchange for the protection provided by the members of Faction to the villagers from thieves and bandits from theft and cutting off olive trees, the people objected to paying the ransom due to the difficult living conditions they suffer from, so he resorted to threatening everyone who refuses to pay the royalty until, next Sunday, not to interfere with the settler shepherds grazing livestock in the middle of the olive fields, and they may cut down trees for the purpose of making them firewood, or acceptance of royalty payment.

It is worth mentioning that since the beginning of the Turkish military invasion along with its backed armed groups and factions on Afrin in 2018, the indigenous people were displaced from the region forcibly for fears of kidnapping or imposing ransoms by armed militias who control with iron and fire in entire region.