“Free Revolutionaries” impose ransoms… And the theft is the tasks of the “Syrian National Army”

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: one of the members of the “Abu Khalil” militia of the Faylaq Al-Sham controlling the villages of “Gawanda” attacked the elderly citizen Jihan Othman Ma’mo, 75 years old, “the wife of the citizen Rif’at Ja’far” with the chair on her head in front of gathering the people of the village and insulting her with obscene words, because she did not give money out of imposing the ransom in exchange for protecting her from thieves and bandits.

The theft, looting, and looting increased with the beginning of the harvest season of sumac, walnuts, and almonds, by armed thieves in the villages of Medans, before the eyes of the Turkish military forces without moral or legal deterrence, which creates an atmosphere of chaos and encourages settlers to resort to theft the crop of Sumac trees were horribly subjected to stolen, for each of the following citizens:

1 – Jamil Minla Na’asan.
2 – Sheikhmous Ali Amin.
3 – Hassan Sheikh Ibrahim.
4 – Hussein Muhammad.