Syrian Interim Government: “Ministry of Defense personnel kidnap Local Council employees”


The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: According to our sources reported that a group of masked armed robbers – about five people – at ten thirty in the night on Friday, 09/07/2021, kidnapped Ahmed Bakr, nicknamed “Abu Lawand”, a member of the local council in Bulbul town from his home from the village of Hazira of Bulbul town, then he was taken to an unknown destination among the agricultural lands and thrown into a well after taking money, his cell phone, and the wallet that contained the ID card and other papers.

The same sources said that the victim was able to get out of the well on Saturday morning on 10/07/2021 and reach on foot to the village of Qastal Khidiriya. Noting that Ahmed Bakr was previously kidnapped from the Qastal Khidiriya village olive Press at one o’clock on 12/12/2018 by members of the Sultan Othman militia led by the so-called Ammar Biyanouni, after verbally abusing him and beating him in front of the Olive Press workers, and he remained detained until five o’clock in the next morning.

In the same context, special sources reported that, a member of the local council in Rajo town, Hasan Khalil from the village of Barbane of Rajo town, on Thursday, 01/07/2021, was kidnapped by a masked group of four people while he was returning with the other members at the site called Wadi Al-Nashaab, and the money was stolen among them, cell phones, and the individual weapon was stripped from Hassan Khalil and taken to an unknown destination, then, he was released hours later, between the orchards in a deplorable condition.