Are the armed groups, free revolutionaries or traders?

A Human Rights Organization in Afrin: Violations against Kurdish civilians in the Afrin region in Syrian Kurdistan continue that gunmen looted the sumac, almond and walnut season crops, in the villages of Rajo town.

According to our sources that one of the militia members of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, called “Abu Mahmoud”, who controlled the village of Ma’mila of Rajo town, on Saturday, 17/07/2021, obstructed the path of citizen Mustafa Rashid Zainke while he was transporting sumac crop estimated at about 70 – 80 kilograms to a village of Badina of Rajo town for the purpose of selling, and reprimanded him for not selling it to the merchant appointed by the faction in the village, and threatening to kill him after several shots were fired over the heads of the villagers.

The citizen Mustafa justified the reason for not selling the crop to the difference in prices between the merchant in the village who buys with a sum of 4000 Syrian pounds per kilogram, while the price with the rest of the traders is about 6000 Syrian pounds.

Knowing that the settlers are stealing the sumac crop with the complicity and protection of armed militia members, just as they were stealing the grape leaf crop a month ago.