A speech must be clarified

The “Human Rights Organization in Afrin” page on social media platforms and especially on “Facebook” is subjected to a lot of closures, warnings and bans, as a result of repeated reports particularly by electronic flies and some chauvinists and racist extremists, with the goal of silencing the painful voice emanating from there and not spreading the truth about the atrocities and violations that are being committed and which the whole region of Afrin is exposed to as a result of terrorist and inhuman practices by the radical factions and groups affiliated with the Syrian National Coalition under the name of the “Free Syrian National Army”.

Those groups and factions that rely on a racist electronic army, whose aim is to distort, turn the facts, obscure the features of crimes and cover them up by all means and methods, and also stand as a major obstacle to the dissemination of information, documents, pictures and videos that confirm their practices, violations, atrocities and inhuman acts against the Kurdish civilians, and they try by all means not to releasing of these documents and their delivery to the competent authorities such as the “International Investigation Committees” and the “Human Rights Council” and the European Commission for Human Rights and the rest of the human rights and humanitarian organizations in the world.

Based on these mentioned above data and conditions that the local teams are going through on the ground, extending a helping hand to them, and the attempt of the good of our people to do this, a number of independent Afrin sons, thankfully, created a website for our organization on their own personal account, as a token of loyalty to their families and their region.

We, on our part, pledge to them and pledge to the Kurdish people in general and the people of Afrin in particular to be loyal in keeping pace with our march, and to convey the whole truth about what our people are suffering from injustice and violations at the hands of armed militias loyal to the Turkish occupation government, as well as what they encounter also at the hands of the Syrian regime and the auxiliary forces and loyal to it, in all honesty and sincerity and dedication.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin