Al-Amshat militiamen launch a massive arrest campaign in Kakhere village

the Human Rights Organization in Afrin: Al-Amshat gunmen, at dawn Wednesday, January 27, 2021, arrested dozens of Kurdish youths in the village of Kakhere of Mabata town in Afrin region in Syrian Kurdistan.

Activists said that the al-Amshat militiamen arrested more than 16 Kurdish citizens from the village, while two of them were released after they were severely tortured.

Activists reported that the militiamen of Sultan Suleiman Shah al-Amshat, led by the so-called Muhammad al-Jassim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, who controlled the village of Kakhere of Mabata town, imposed a security and military cordon at dawn on Wednesday 27/01/2021, and issuing a decision banning roaming within the village.

The Activists also added that they raided the homes of the indigenous Kurds and searched them under the pretext of burning the car of the security official in the village called Abu Hussein (the car was partially burned by their members as a result of inter-disputes over the stolen items), and kidnapped a number of young men, beat them and tortured them brutally, their names are as follow:

1 – Mustafa Fayiq Mustafa
2 – Samir Fayiq Mustafa
3- Abdulrahman Fayiq Mustafa
4 – Fahmi Ali Abbo
5 – Walat Ali
6 – Rifai Iso Iso
7 – Renas Muhammad Hasso
8 – Nazhmi Muhammad Ham Rasho
9 – Muhammad Fawzi
10 – Rizgar Muhammad Muhammad
11 – Aref Riyadh Jabo
12 – Muhammad Nazhmi Na`so
13 – Hamid Ahmed Khalil
14 – Fayiq Iso
15 – Shiyar Jamil Abbo
16 – Jano Ahmed Khalil

17- Idris Abbou bin Hajj Ali

Thus, the two young men Fayiq Iso and Muhammad Nazhmi Na’so have been released due to severe torture and poor conditions and are now in critical condition and coma. The fate of the rest is still unknown.

The village of Kakhere is a village that is administratively affiliated to Mabata town. It has more than 400 houses, and is controlled by the militiamen of Muhammad Jassim Abu Amsha, leader of the Sultan Suleiman Shah faction (al-Amshat).

Human Rights organizataion in afrin.