The suffering of Kakhere village continues

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: Activists said that the atmosphere of tension and intimidation prevails in the village of Kakhere of Mabata town, which is under the control of the militia of Sultan Suleiman Shah al-Amshat led by Muhammad al-Jassim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, is still continuing.

Activists added that since, on Wednesday, 01/27/2021, the security cordon was imposed around the village and a curfew was issued, and 17 indigenous Kurds were kidnapped under the pretext of burning the security official’s car, which, according to initial estimates, does not equal $ 200 (bearing in mind that we have registered confirmations, that the faction members were the ones who burned the car), after the matter was raised in the media, everyone was released at ten in the evening, including those who were transferred to the security headquarters in the Shiye town center.

In the same context the they added that at 1 p.m. on Sunday, 31/01/2021, the so-called military police kidnapped the 20-year-old Renas Hasso, despite his exposure, like the rest of his colleagues, to beating and brutal torture, remaining bedridden, receiving treatment with serum needles hanging in his hand, and seizing phones cellular. These inhuman practices forced the so-called Committee for the Restitution of Rights and Grievances to move to rectify the issue, rebuke some of the elements and show a small percentage of facts, similar to the visit of the delegation of the so-called Nasr Hariri to the village of Basofan to correct the real, suspicious and distorted image of the Turkish forces and their militias in front of public opinion world and concerned international organizations with human rights, and despite the attempt of Abu Amsha to replace the people who were beaten and tortured with other people from the village, he denied the beating and forced them to say what they were indoctrinated, and he replaced the military clothes of the officers with civilian clothes and removed the checkpoints while the committee entered the village, but it failed.

On Tuesday, 02/02/2021, a protest demonstration consisting of village women and a number of settlement women who encountered in their daily lives what Kurdish citizens and indigenous people encounter, exposed practices and violations, presenting their demands that stipulate the following points:

1- Removing the “thieves” militia members from the village, especially Abu Hussein al-Asharne and his relatives who dominate the necks of the people.

Human Rights Organizataion