Free Army and the theft of antiquities in Afrin region

Human Rights organization in Afrin: Reliable sources have informed HROA that the elements of al Nukhba militia who are controlling the villages surrounding the citadel of Nabi Hori of Shara town, since the beginning of the current year 2021, have been digging and bulldozing the soil and digging for finding and antiquities in the vicinity of the Roman amphitheater (the theater) and the area next to Ras al-Nabaa and in the places of new shops during the de facto authority, “the previous self-administration” of the PYD by using heavy machinery (two trucks – two bulldozers – a packer), noting that the amphitheater was previously exposed several times to vandalism, bulldozing of the soil, digging for finds and stealing antiquities during the years (2019-2020).

Reliable sources have also informed HROA that during the months of November – December 2020, the Malak Shah militia members, “formerly Sultan Murad”, carried out digging and bulldozing operations in “Tal Gir”, which is located between the villages of Barava – Qarqina – of Shara town, about a year ago, they razed the soil in the hill of the village of Aljiya in front of the eyes of the Turkish occupation forces without being deterred.