After the issuance of his innocence… The factions sentenced Dr. Fahmi Abdo to three years in prison

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin : Reliable sources reported that after the issuance of his innocence, the armed factions in the Kurdish region of Afrin, on Monday 1 March 2021, sentenced Dr. Eng. Muhammad Fahmi Abdo to three years in prison with a huge fine.

The same sources added that criminal court in Afrin sentenced Dr. Muhammad Fahmi Abdo to three years in prison and a fine of 7,000 Turkish liras.

They stated: The verdict was charged with spreading the spirit of racism and inciting sectarian strife, noting that the same court had ruled acquitted him under No. 66 on 15/06/2020 and released him if he was not wanted by other parties.

They confirmed: However, the Turkish occupation security authorities rejected the decision and kept him in forced detention until the day the verdict was issued.

Dr. Muhammad Fahmi Abdo was kidnapped last year on April 7, 2020, after the end of his official working hours from the engineering office of the local council of Afrin, he is from the village of Khirbet Shara of Shara town of Afrin and is 63 years old.