Armed groups and factions, and psychological and physical torture of Kurdish citizens and killing them

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: Reliable sources reported to the Human Rights Organization in Afrin saying: The armed militiamen with various names that exceed fifty ones (Faylaq Al Sham – Sultan Suleiman Shah Al-Amshat – Sultan Murad – Malak Shah – Al Nukhba – Siqour Al Shamal etc. …..) affiliated to the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition are still committing human crimes and inhuman violations in a systematic manner in the occupied Kurdish areas under its control under the direction of the Turkish occupation government.

The sources added that the citizen Sheikhmous Qassem, nicknamed (Sheikho Miste Mariamme), 73 years old, from the village of Kosa, residing in the town of Medan Akbas of Rajo town, lost his life on Saturday morning on 06/03/2021 after informing his family of the need to transfer him from Rajo prison to a hospital in Afrin, as a result of the physical and psychological torture and brutal beating he was subjected to inside the security headquarters of the Faylaq Al Sham militia led by Salil al-Khalidi, and then inside the civil police headquarters in the Rajo town center led by Major Ayham Al-Qabaa, nicknamed Abu Shahab.

They also added that, on the way, the citizen Sheikhmous Qasim died, knowing that he was kidnapped on Wednesday 03/03/2021 alongside each of the Kurdish citizens (Muhammad Khalil Haji Sheikho known as Muhammad Khalil Bilo – Saeed Qanbar) on charges of standing in guard shifts during the era of the previous administration and this argument is far from reality at all.

It is worth noting that the same militia (Faylaq Al Sham) and the civil police killed, under torture, the citizen Muhammad Hanif Hussein, from the village of Blelko, on 09/09/2019, by various means as used by the security branches of the Syrian regime.

It is worth mentioning that since the invasion of the Turkish army and the armed factions and groups Afrin region, kidnappings campaigns against Kurdish civilians continue with false pretexts.