Medical analysis laboratories in Afrin city

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: We touched on in a previous report, on 10/05/2021, the reality of the work and service of pharmacies in the city of Afrin, and the spread of the phenomenon of corruption in available medicines, in addition to the high prices and the ineligibility of those in charge of managing them, and the spread of medical analysis laboratories in the city, whether they are within the health centers and public or private hospitals in the city, those in charge of managing them despite the placement of signs indicating the specialized scientific certificate, however, most of them are workers who do not have certificates that qualify them to do pathological analyzes (bacterial – cholesterol – sugar – urine), and if it is found, it is forged, issued by counterfeiting offices and brokers in the city of Izaz and Idlib.

One of the patients reported that he had performed three tests in one day in different laboratories, related to analyzing the digestive system, and he was surprised that he obtained different results from one laboratory to another after he paid a sum of about 40 thousand Syrian pounds, which increased his fear instead of reaching the identification of the type of his illness and receiving treatment.

Note that after the previous report, the Health Directorate destroyed two trucks of medicines and burned them in a landfill near the quarries spread around the village of Turinde, due to their expiration date and the monopoly of medicines and the exploitation of opportunities to supply them in the market at high prices.