Unidentified crimes with mysterious circumstances


The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: 1 -Two members of Sultan Murad’s militia were killed in mysterious circumstances, in the village of Qurtqulaqe Kabir at three o’clock at night on Thursday, on 13/05/2021, while they were driving a motorcycle where they exposed to shooting, and there is complete secrecy on the incident by the Turkish occupation forces and the militias loyal to them. It is likely that it is a kind of a physical liquidation among the elements of the armed militia, the thieves, the Free Syrian National Army, about the thefts and brothels that are widespread among the militias and settlers.

2- An unidentified masked military group, on Monday 10/05/2021, dug a grave with a digging machine for about two hours, and buried an unidentified body in the cemetery of the village of Satya of Mabata town. Knowing that the buried corpse does not belong to the gunmen or settlers of the village, and after completion, they headed towards the road leading to the villages of the Mabata town center, thus, mystery remains master of the situation until now, and the people of the village are waiting for the relevant security authorities and the judiciary to intervene to uncover the circumstances of the crime and bring the perpetrators to justice.