Thieves judge the free and the hypocrites remain silent


The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: The statement issued by the so-called Military Judiciary (the Military Court of the Ministry of Defense in the Syrian Interim Government) in Izaz city provoked angry reactions by the judges, free officers and supporters of the Syrian revolution, against Brigadier General Ahmed Rahal that included a ruling under No. 295 of 06/25/25 2020, with three years’ imprisonment for slander and accusing him of insulting the revolution and the National Army (represented by the person of Abu Amsha), and describing him as the criminal agent and his media appearance on channels hostile to the Syrian revolution, and finally, the Turkish government’s demand to hand him over to the competent military judiciary, and the announcement of the statement coincided with the holding of the General Body of the Syrian National Coalition, the 56th session in the city of Izaz on (20 – 21/05/2021) without addressing the issue despite the presence of the head of the Syrian Interim Government, and also coincided with the detection and seizure of customs security agents in the port of Iskenderun, a shipment of drugs intended for export to the United Arab Emirates, estimated to weigh about 11 tons of narcotic pills, hidden within 17 containers carrying building stones, originating from Shiye town of Afrin city, and the Turkish security forces carrying out a campaign of arrests in Turkish cities of individuals affiliated with the militia of Sultan Suleiman Shah – Al-Amshat, (and the statement was read by an officer of the so-called the free, on 05/21/2021, a member of the militia of Sultan Suleiman Shah – Al-Amshat – instead of the media spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense or the Military Court in the meetings of the General Body.

Bearing in mind that the decision is old, issued during the past year, as a result of the media war launched by the so-called Abu Amsha against Brigadier General Ahmed Rahal during March 2020, due to his exposure of the actions and practices of armed militias loyal to the Turkish occupation government, the “Syrian National Army” in general and in the occupied Kurdish regions and what is called “liberated”, and among them was Abu Amsha, the leader of the so-called militia of Sultan Suleiman Shah – Al-Amshat in particular, from kidnapping the people, imposing ransom, royalties, theft, looting and seizing the property of Kurdish citizens, and the debate continued until the Turkish authorities arrested the Brigadier, accompanied by his brother on 12 / 08/2020 from his home in the state of Istanbul and being taken to an unknown destination despite the Turkish Ministry of Interior’s denial of his presence with the official authorities, but on 08/09/2020 he was brought to trial on charges of conspiracy and harming national security under the code “G82”, and then he was released and placed under house arrest and banned from traveling until his fate is decided. The Syrian Coalition was involved in the case at the time, but the Turkish authorities reprimanded and warned him, due to the issue being related to the Turkish national security.