Inhumane violations continue, are they “individual” or systematic actions

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: Members of the Liwaa Samarqand militia who control the village of Kafr Safra of Jenderes town, on Monday, 07/06/2021, attacked the citizen Najib Iso, beating him and brutally torturing him because of preventing them from seizing the stable and filing a complaint against them before the police, then the citizen Najib was transferred to the city of Afrin to receive treatment and remained bedridden for several days.

Private sources said that the Turkish soldiers from the military base located in the village of “Çê” of Rajo town, on Sunday afternoon 06/06/2021attacked the citizen Dersim Muhammad Ali Ma’mo, 27 years old, from the aforementioned village, on Sunday afternoon, who is currently residing in the village of Avraze since the Turkish invaded the area in March 2018, and prevented them from returning to the village, while grazing cattle in the mountain surrounding the village, brutally beating him with the butt of a weapon on his head and taking him inside the military base without giving reasons, and then handing him over to the police the civilian is in the town center, and his fate is still unknown until now. While the cattle were seized and taken to the military base.

They added that Al-Hamzat militia, led by the so-called Abu Zakour, “from the people and revolutionaries of the town of Tel Rifaat,” who controlled the village of Shingelle of Bulbul town seized two mules owned by the citizen, Bakr Musa, from the village of Gawanda of Rajo town without knowing the reasons, while the people are likely to use them to smuggle goods into Turkish territory and transport firewood from the mountains adjacent to the village.

A week ago, the Sultan Murad militia members who are controlling the village of Qastal Khidiriya of Bulbul town stole ten heads of cattle belonging to the citizen Fayiq Abu Tawfiq (of the Arab component), who has lived in the village for more than seven years.

Its report that it is no longer said that these inhumane acts and practices carried out by the Turkish occupation forces and the armed militias loyal to them on a daily basis come within the framework of individual actions, but rather are carried out deliberately and systematically in the fight against the Kurds in order to force them to leave their area for Arab settlers and Turkmen.