A massacre directed to militia representatives to the “Brussels-Astana” meetings


The Human rights organization in Afrin: The death toll rose on Saturday evening, on 12/06/2021, due to the fall of nine rockets in separate places on the Afrin city, the western highway and the road to the village of Marate – the center of the city, Al-Siyasiye Street – including Al-Shifa Hospital – Avrin previously, in which more than eight medical personnel were killed, as the number of dead reached 22 people and wounded about 25 male and female citizens, and the death toll is still expected to rise due to some serious cases among the wounded in the city’s hospitals and Izaz hospitals.

While Turkish artillery preceded the bombing of the Kurdish areas – Sherawa area, and the bombing continued as a response to the rockets that fell in the city of Afrin, which led to the injury of the child (Isa Muhammad Isa, 12 years old) and others with varying injuries, except for material damage to the populated houses.

It should be noted that at the beginning of last month, May 02, 2021, we discussed the mutual missile shelling between the Turkish occupation forces and the armed militias loyal to it, and between the Syrian regime and its allied forces under regional and international agreements, including “Astana-Sochi” on Kurdish-populated areas. The Kurds and the exception of the Arab populated areas loyal to both parties “Nubil, Al-Zahraa – Izaz, Jarablis, Al-Ra’i, Marea” with the aim of spreading terror and fear in the hearts of the Kurdish indigenous population wherever they are , and preventing them from returning to their areas and settling Arabs and Turkmens instead, and due to the approach of some meetings between the regional and international powers concerned with the Syrian file in general and the Kurdistan file in Syria in particular, the new missile bombing comes in the same context by using and indirectly holding their tools responsible This reminds us of the fact that the Syrian regime, in coordination with the Iranian Shiite militias, sent the freight car “loader” on 28/04/2016, to the city of Afrin carrying unidentified dead bodies. It was said at the time that it belonged to members of the Free Army to sow ethno-sectarian strife and increase tension among the components of the Syrian people.