Random kidnapping for ransom
The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: Elements of the Turkish intelligence and military police in Rajo town center, on Wednesday noon on 30/06/2021, raided the village of Badina of Rajo town and kidnapped a number of citizens on charges of dealing with the former de facto authority of the PYD Administration” and taking them to the security headquarters in the town center, for the purpose of material extortion and the collection of ransom in exchange for their release, and they are:
1 – Othman Khalil Charchi.
2- Hassan Hussein Khoja.
3 – Ahmed Mohamed Haspiro.

The Organization military police released the young man, Suleiman Muhammad Hajj Ibrahim, nicknamed Antaabi, from the town of Shiye, who was kidnapped on March 28, 2018, and spent nearly three years in the notorious Al-Rahi Prison and Marate prison after paying a financial guarantee of $1750.