Chaos in ” liberatet area” because of the Turkey and militia

The direct relationship between the presence of the factions and the bombings The so-called “liberated” areas controlled by the Turkish occupation government are witnessing a state of chaos and security chaos due to their control, accompanied by armed militia elements, the Free Syrian National Army of the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition, which implements the agendas and Turkish projects away from Syrian national feeling and belonging.

A car bomb exploded in the afternoon of Tuesday 11/24/2020 at the entrance to the industrial zone in Afrin city in front of Judy bakery, resulting in three casualties so far and injuring more than 20 civilians, some of them in critical condition, and causing severe damage to buildings and The shops and cars parked inside the al-Hal market, in addition to broken doors and windows throughout the Ashrafieh neighborhood, noting that the finger of accusation was directed at the elements of the Levant Front militia led by the so-called Nidal Bayanouni “The 51st Division” which controls the site, because of the coverage of the theft and Looting and seizing vital projects and public facilities and their suspicious movements that some regional parties consider when they received American aid and the possibility of holding them accountable, as well as protecting the head of the Syrian National Coalition in the city of Azaz who is rejected and rejected by other militia elements as well as by the people. At the same time, another car bomb exploded near the junction of the town of Qabasin in the Al-Bab area, which resulted in the deaths of seven casualties and more than 20 wounded.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin