Conditional invitation card With security approval

The so-called “Committee for the Reduction of Rights and Grievances” in Rajo district did not succeed in listening to a number of the people and mayors of the villages belonging to the sub-district due to the clash of the invitees with the armed militia members (the Sham Legion – Ahrar al-Sharqiya – Brigade 121 _ Al-Hamzat) from every direction and preventing them The presence of some mukhtars, intimidating and threatening them for fear of submitting complaints against them, as a result of their practices against the indigenous Kurdish population, which prompted one of the mukhtars to recount facts and examples of some villages with the following:

1 _ Members of the Free Syrian National Army aim to rob, loot, rob, attack the people, cut down trees, seize property and crops of the Kurds, especially the displaced from them, impose a royalty on those present and collect ransom after the kidnappings.

2 _ The committee “Committee for the Reduction of Rights and Grievances” I do not expect that it will restore the rights of the people, even by 5% because of the majority of the committee members who were previously the leaders of the factions.

3- Theft increased this year by a greater rate than in previous years, with the complicity of the head of the local council. The seizure of the crops of the displaced persons has become a result of the rejection of the previously issued agencies of the Council and the imposition of royalties on Kurdish citizens present in their villages about 50%, except for theft operations And plunder and plunder.

4- Intimidating the families and threatening them with beatings, killings and kidnappings if they file complaints against them.

5- The settlers colluding with the armed factions and the civil police to hit the people and cut down their trees in favor of the leaders of the factions without any supervision or control, while they prevent the Kurds from sweeping their trees except after obtaining a “license” document from the security offices of the factions.

As for the examples he cited of the practices of the faction leaders, especially the commander of the 121st Brigade called Abu Hassan, who controls the security of the following villages (Damlia – Baadina – Khaziana – Chetana).

We reserve the right to mention the names for security necessities:

_ He seized the mill building in the village of Damliu and brought the machines after they were stolen from various presses and operated them for his personal benefit, and forced the people of the villages under his control in coordination with the mayors to bring their crops to the mill and deducted the percentage that he specified in a qualitative manner, except for the theft and collection Royalty before removing oil tanks from the building.

_ Seizing the crop of a citizen and his sons and threatening them with expulsion from the house due to the accusation of his forcibly displaced brothers of dealing with the previous administration, as a result of a mukhtar’s tip-off.

_ Seizing the entire crop of an orphan young man and insulting him as a result of the harvest without informing him, knowing that he obtained the information from the village mayor.

_ Some Kurdish citizens refrained from harvesting the crop due to the practices of the Free Syrian National Army and leaving the olive fruits in the tree without picking them.

_ Seizing approximately 70 oil tanks owned by a citizen and his brother, who resides in Afrin

_ Seizing 1,800 olive trees near Baadina village owned by a citizen in his village, and 700 olive trees in Damliu village as a result of Nafs al-Mukhtar’s slander.

This is the tip of the iceberg of the practices of the thief named Abu Hassan, commander of the 121st Brigade, affiliated with the “Free Syrian National Army” of the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin