The Free Syrian National Army / Situational decisions and daily practices

First – Civil police officers in Sharan sub-district on Tuesday 01/12/2020 carried out a raid campaign against the home of Azad Ismail, 43, in the town of Maidanaki, for the purpose of kidnapping, material extortion and ransom collection, and because he was not in the house, they were unable to kidnap him. Note that the Sham Legion in control of the town had previously kidnapped him and held him for six months in detention at his main headquarters in Medan Akbis town of Rajo sub-district, and was beaten and tortured on charges of dealing with the previous administration, and on Wednesday morning 12/2/2020 he surrendered to Security headquarters to avoid prosecution and raiding a second time.

Second – The previous post was continued by the Turkish intelligence and military police in Rajo sub-district on Tuesday 01/12/2020 kidnapping three citizens from the people after us, in addition to the citizen Khalil Haji Muhammad Shaban, on charges of dealing with the previous administration and compulsory service (guard shifts) They were taken to the security headquarters in Raju district for the purpose of material extortion and ransom collection, without knowing their fate so far, and they are all of:

1 _ Omar Bayram altitude 2 _ Rifaat Hussein Muhammad 3- Abdo Mohamed Youssef

Noting that the citizen Khalil Haj Muhammad Shaban was released after paying a ransom of 1,000 Turkish liras.

Third – The armed militia members, with their various names (King Shah, “formerly Sultan Murad” _ the Sham Legion _ Hamzat _ Falcons of the North) decided to fall under the name of the “Free Syrian National Army” of the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition in control of the following villages (Maidanaki _ Naza _ Soup _ Darwish _ Durakli _ Saarengika _ Omar Sumu _ Alji) Hand over olive fields to Kurdish citizens to work in (after they seized and plundered the current season) for the purpose of sweeping trees and plowing the land in return for getting 50% of the yield of the next season after deducting expenses and expenses . In some villages of Sharan sub-district under the control of the Malak Shah militia, they imposed 10% of the yield on their behalf without interfering with the expenses and overheads. With the knowledge that they refused to accept the public agencies and licenses issued by the local council regarding the management of their relatives’ properties previously, without providing the necessary guarantees for commitment to implementing the verbal decisions taken. However, the justifications presented for the acquisition of the previous ratios are protection from thefts, looting, looting, logging and livestock grazing in the fields. Which is practiced daily against the people of the region. Noting that the leaders of the armed militias had previously pledged to the members of the local council in Sharan sub-district and the rest of the sub-districts during the 2018 season to obtain 10%, but on the ground the agreement was broken and an estimated 75% of the crop was seized, except for logging. Herding livestock in the middle of the people’s fields.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin