The direct relationship between kidnapping and ransom

The Turkish occupation forces and the armed militias affiliated with the Syrian Interim Government and the National Coalition loyal to it are trying to place all kinds of prior accusations against the Kurdish people in Jiyi Corming _ Kordag _ with the aim of material extortion and collecting ransom for their release as well as forcing them to think about leaving and settling Arabs Turkmen in place of them.

First – The Turkish intelligence, accompanied by members of the Military Police in the Rajo district center, on Tuesday dawn on 01/12/2020, kidnapped Khalil Haj Muhammad Shaban, 58, from Baadina village, after raiding his house, without mentioning the reasons, but his family believed the kidnapping Because of the accusations against all the people of Afrin, in general, of dealing with the previous administration (the Komin) and taking him to the district center without knowing his fate until now.

Second – Samarkand militia members who are controlling the village of Kafr Safra in Jenderes district, on Thursday morning 26/11/2020, kidnapped two citizens of the village on charges of dealing with the previous administration and compulsory service for the purpose of material extortion and collecting ransom, and took them to the security headquarters of the faction, They were released on Sunday 29/11/2020 after paying a fine of 2,000 Turkish liras, and they are:

1 _ Jaker bin Rasool Sheikha 2 _ Khalil Hanan Khalou.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin