security and stability in the so-called “liberated” areas


The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: The “liberated” areas under the control of the Turkish occupation government and the militias loyal to it, affiliated with the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian Coalition, because of their claim to the political and military representation of the Syrian people, to be an alternative to the dictatorial Syrian regime, except The actions and practices of the armed militias complement the actions of the military forces of the Syrian regime and their allied militias.

First – A member of the Military Police currently affiliated with the Ministry of Defense of the Syrian Interim Government, and a militia member of the Siqour Al Shamal Brigade “Free Syrian National Army” called Abu Youssef Al-Baghdadi seizes a number of shops and an entire residential building, by force of arms without any legal or moral consideration for any of a responsible security body or the judiciary, including the Military Police branch, while the people asked him several times to restore their properties, and they filed several complaints with the civil police and the judiciary, their complaints fell on deaf ears due to his distinguished relations with Turkish intelligence and his work on their behalf by recruiting members of the Free Syrian National Army in order to send them to Libya as mercenaries.

Second – The so-called Haider Ba’aj from the people of Al-Mayadin – Deir Ezzor, the leader of the 9th Division “Free Syrian National Army” accompanied by a number of the division’s members, on Thursday, 15/04/2021, bought oil on credit from the commercial store owned by the citizen Ahmed Abu Rasheed, but he refused to sell on debt, so what was only for him to leave the store and insult the Kurds and utter obscene words and saying it is necessary to insult the Kurds and hit them with sticks, and they should not leave their heads and not give them a feeling of comfort, but rather they must be expelled from their homes and stores, note that the so-called Haidar Ba’aj seizes more than 15 shops and a number of houses on the same street and rents them for his own benefit, from among the tenants who own the same properties.


Third – We referred during the past month to the practices of the three elements of the Levantine Front (Hassan Shobak, nicknamed Abu Jamal – Mohsen – Abu Ja’far) who take their headquarters in the former Awqaf building “which was used for the judges” located near the blue building – the old Afrin, which is located in a sector of Sultan Murad’s militia, as they come to the headquarters every Thursday and intimidate the residents of the area by showing movements and behaviors that are very similar to thugs and mafia gangsters from stealing and plundering money from the owners of the surrounding shops under the pretext of protecting them from thieves and bandits, they also impose the tribute on the residents who are living on the same street in front of the members of Sultan Murad’s militia and the Turkish forces without deterring them, despite the complaints lodged against them before the security authorities. However, these complaints are dropped by virtue of the strength and tyranny of those who are supported by the person residing in the city of Izaz, known as Abu Dujana.