Sentenced to imprisonment wandering around in the weekly market


The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: Activists reported that the members of the Jaysh Al Sharqiya Militia opened fire on Hamad al-Jassim, a resident of the village of Deir al-Zour, and one of the followers of Abu al-Harith, which is affiliated with the name of the Liwaa Jaysh Ah Sharqiya Brigade, who kidnapped the girl with special needs “Stuttering with the tongue” Khalida Hussein Hanan, 26 years old, from the village of Yalanqoz, on the date, 23- 24/01/2021, and sentenced to two years in prison, and he was seriously injured, then he was transferred to a Turkish hospital for treatment after the Turkish intelligence intervened in the matter and the situation calmed down.

They confirmed that his sudden presence and wandering raised doubts about the implementation of the decisions and rulings of the judicial and security authorities for the members of the Jaysh Al Sharqiya and the people in the weekly market “The Clothing Sale Wing” in Jenderes town on Monday 10/05/2021, and the shooting process created an atmosphere of terror And fear among the people, which led to the escape of the owners of shops and stalls, so that the weak-minded “thieves” took advantage of the opportunity and stole some clothes and goods. Note that the market returned to normal after his arrest.