Kidnappings of children and women on new charges and heresy

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: There is a new series of kidnappings under the name of the security campaign to combat terrorism, the “indigenous Kurdish population”, initiated by Turkish intelligence elements, accompanied by the civil and military police and militias affiliated with the Free Syrian Army.

The source told the Human Rights Organization in Afrin that the field of kidnappings expanded to include children, subjecting them to severe beatings with metal wires, pipes, and the buttocks of weapons, physical and psychological torture, leading to loss of consciousness and forcing them to make false statements.

The source added that Turkish intelligence agents in the city of Afrin about two months ago (mid-April) kidnapped three young men from the family nicknamed (Sawliye Pekat) from Shiye town, residing in the Mahmuodiya neighborhood of Afrin city center, on charges of undermining security and stability and carrying out bombings, and beating them brutally and torturing them in various ways for making statements – extracting a confession – and committing actions they did not do, and they are each of the following:

1- Mustafa Muhammad Hussein, 27 years old. Noting that he was kidnapped previously during the year 2019 and was released during the month of March 2021, and he was kidnapped again a week later.
2 – Hussein Mustafa Hussein, 20 years old.
3- Ezaddin Youssef Hussein, 17 years old.

The source added that the operation included the kidnapping of other children on Thursday, 17/06/2021, who reside in the Mahmuodiya neighborhood in the city of Afrin, from the village of Chaqala Wastani, based on the confessions of the child Youssef under torture. They are:
4- Hanan Mannan Battal, 15 years old.
5 – Mannan Mannan Battal, 14-year old.

The same source also confirmed that they were taken to an unknown destination. Adding that on Saturday, 19/06/2021, Turkish intelligence agents, based on the children’s confessions, kidnapped the following:
6 – Cihan Muhammad Owlishly l, sister of Media, Hussein’s wife, and taken to an unknown destination, without knowing her fate until now.
7 – Zaynab Abdeen Owlishly , from the family nicknamed (Abdeen Pekat), the wife of Mustafa Hussein, was kidnapped on Wednesday, 12/05/2021.
8 – Media Muhammad Owlishly, wife of Hussein Mustafa Hussein. On the same day and date, Wednesday 12/06/2021, they were taken to an unknown destination without knowing their fate until now.
It is worth noting that the main concern of the armed militias loyal to the Turkish government in its various names is to implement the agendas and settlement projects of the Turkish government in coordination with the Syrian regime by fighting the Kurds and committing crimes against them and displacing them for demographic change.