The Syrian regime and the coalition are “two sides” of the same coin, and the Liberals demand the trial of Hariri on charges of “high treason.”

The Human rights organization in Afrin: Activists and freedmen of the Syrian revolution and civil society organizations have accused Nasr Al-Hariri, head of the so-called Syrian Coalition, of “high treason”, demanding that he be removed and that he be tried later, because of his demand for the Turkish military forces to invade the Syrian Kurdish areas and expel their original Kurdish residents from their areas, villages, homes and lands to bring in other Syrian citizens and members of the armed militias affiliated with the “Free Syrian National Army” consisting of thieves and bandits, who were sent to Libya and Azerbaijan and those fleeing from the remnants of ISIS and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham “formerly Al-Nusra Front” in order to settle them in their place, similar to the Syrian regime’s demand of the Iranian military forces and Shiite militias to intervene and kill the Syrian citizens and expel them from their original areas and to settlement of Afghan and Chechen mercenaries and Iranian Shiite militias instead of them.

By reviewing previous civil records and statistics tables in the Afrin region, it appears that the percentage of Syrian Kurdish citizens before the start of the so-called Syrian revolution is estimated at about 97%, while the percentage decreased during the rule of the de-facto authority represented by the former PYD administration to 75%, and since the entry of the Turkish occupation forces and the militias loyal to them- the National Army – became about 25%, and for this reason, his demand from the Turkish forces for military intervention and the expulsion of those who remained clinging to his land, the activists considered him high treason.

Here, we must recall the words of Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte regarding those who help occupy their countries.
– Hitler: The most despicable people who helped me occupy his land.
– Napoleon: He refused to shake hands with the Austrian officer who helped him in occupying his land, and considered him a traitor.