Kidnapping processes by armed groups continue on false charges


The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: Activists reported to the Human Rights Organization in Afrin that the Turkish intelligence, accompanied by members of the Military Police militia in the center of Jenderes town, on Friday, 18/06/2021, raided and searched a car office in the town and kidnapped citizens of the village of Aghjalye on charges of possessing weapons and selling stolen tractors with false contracts, they are both:

1- Hamdan Hussein, 56 years old.
2- Mustafa Hamdan, 30 years old.
They were taken to the security headquarters without knowing their fate so far.

Members of the Al-Waqqas Brigade militia controlling the village of Hekije of Jenderes town kidnapped Mustafa Sheikh Hannan Mustafa and handed him over to the Turkish intelligence and military police for unknown reasons.

In the same context, members of the Military Police militia in Jenderes town, on Thursday, June 17, 2021, kidnapped the young man, Subhi Jamil Sorani, brother and twin of “Walid Jamil Sorani” on charges of dealing with the former de facto authority and taking him to the security headquarters and handing him over to the Turkish intelligence. His fate is unknown so far.

Noting that his twin brother, Walid Jamil Sorani, accompanied by the young Hussein Muhammad Saghir, surrendered on March 18, 2018, to the Turkish soldiers and members of the Al-Sharqiya Militia after taking full control of the area and stating that they had escaped from the forced conscription imposed on the people of the area by officials of the previous administration and instead of prosecuting and imposing a fine on them, they shot them dead on 15/07/2018.