On new – old charges, seven Kurdish citizens were kidnapped after the general amnesty decision


The Human rights organization in Afrin: According to the Human rights organization in Afrin that elements of the Faylaq Al-Sham militia controlling the village of Ghazawiya of Sherwa area between the dates of 20-23/06/2021 raided the village and kidnapped a number of Kurdish citizens on charges of dealing with the former de facto authority of the PYD for the purpose of material extortion and the collection of ransom, and They were taken to the security headquarters in the village of Iska, without knowing their fate so far, their names are as follow:

1 – Haval Ali Isa, knowing that he is physically ill and will undergo surgery during the next week after seeing the doctor during the past few days.

2- Barakat Ziyad Hamo.

3 – Omar Ziyad Hamo.

4 – Jamil Mustafa Ali.

5- Youssef Hussein Youssef.

6- Ahmed Hussein Youssef.

7 – Farmand Dashti Hamo.

The same sources added that these kidnappings came despite the issuance of a “general amnesty” by the Prime Minister of the Syrian Interim Government under No. 26 on 21/06/2021, based on Syrian Coalition Decision No. 47/1 on 31/08/2019, regarding perpetrators of misdemeanors and violations before the date 21/06/2021, however, most of the Kurdish citizens (estimated at about 70 citizens) who were released, had been kidnapped for more than two years on false accusations and arguments, just as the Syrian regime had previously accused its citizens of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood organization and carving out part of the Syrian lands and a threat to the security of the state regarding the Kurds and the separatism in the recent period, however, we have never found the courts of the Syrian Interim Government accusing the rest of the other Syrian components, Arabs and Turkmen, of belonging to the Ba’ath Party and other charges.

Based on that, kidnappings are still going on under the “security campaign” sign for every Kurdish citizen, with false accusations and arguments, and tightening the screws on them with the aim of deporting them and changing the demographic structure of the region.