Kurdish rights and misleading (false) promises


The Human rights organization in Afrin: The people of Bulbul town (the town center), who were forcibly displaced from their homes, are still waiting for promises that have not seen yet the light for nearly a year since the visit of the so-called “Response of Rights and Grievances” committee to the town, the following are the names of the families who claim their homes that were seized by armed militia members and settlers who were brought in by the Turkish occupation forces, and they are:

1- Ahmed Hassan Habib.
2- Ahmed Ahmed Mirtu.
3- Ahmed Mohammed Hasinku.
4- Ismail Muhammad Muhammad Abdul Qadir.
5 – Amin Saydo Khalil.
6 Jamal Ahmed Habib bin Ahmed.
7 Jiwan Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Zada.
8 – Habiba Bilal, daughter of Sheikho.
9- Hassan Khali Bejo.
10- Hassan Ahmed Brimo.
11 – Hussein Mohammed Rasho.
12- Khalil Ramadan Sheikho.
13 – Rohat Hamid Muhammad.
14 – Zaynab Khalil Haji Muhammad.
15 – Zaynab Khalil Rasho.
16 – Sami Mohamed Mahmoud.
17- Shady Shukri Primo.
18 _ Ismat Ali Khalil.
19 – Abdul Rahman Subhi Brimo.
20 – Ali Esmat Khalil.
21 – Abdul Rahman Muhammad Ali Sheikho.
22 – Abdul Rahman Omar Mahmoud.
23 Essam Rashid Shaban
24 Agid Khalil Husseinko.
25 – Abdullah Muhammad Mahmoud.
26 – Abdullah Horik Muhammad.
27 – Abdul Majid Horik Horik.
28 – Omar Muhammad Niqo.
29- Sadiqa Haji Mustafa Murad.
30- Sabri Dawoud Khalil.
31 – Fouad Mahmoud Horo.
32 – Kamal Ahmed Horo.
33 Maryam Othman Bakr.
34 – Muhammad Rashid Hamo.
35 – Muhammad Ahmad Khalil.
36 – Muhammad Muhammad Khalil.
37- Muhammad Majid Muhammad.
38 – Muhammad Ali Muhammad Muhammad.
39 – Muhammad Ismail Abdul Qadir.
40 – Monzer Nori Rasho
41- Mustafa Hassan Habib.
42 – Mustafa Muhammad Mirtu.
43 – Muhammad Muhammad Rajab Khalil.
44 Haitham Muhammad Habib.
45 – Nori Ahmed Brimo.
46 – Nori Hassan Dada.
47 – Nabi Rashid Muhammad.
48 – Najah Musa Abdul Qader.
49 – Naasan Ali Ahmed.
50- Yahya Nori Habib.

Despite what is being said in the city of Afrin about shuttle visits of the committee between one village and another and taking selfies pictures with the Kurdish indigenous people and suggesting a consensual solution to part of their problems, but the majority of this part is under threat of kidnapping or murder, and at a minimum the accusation of separatism and cutting off part from Syrian lands (“liberated” under the control of the Turkish occupation government), here, it is necessary to refer to the suffering of the people of dozens of villages as well, as the suffering of the people of the Bulbul town center, as well as the accompaniment of the military executive force of the joint committee between the Military Police and the “Response of Rights and Grievances” committee to implement its suspended decisions so far.