Theft, property seizure are actions of the pro-Turkish armed factions and groups “Free Syrian National Army”


The Human rights organization in Afrin: After the Turkish occupation forces invaded and tightened their control over the Afrin region, accompanied by a group of armed militia loyal to them, affiliated with the “Free Syrian National Army”, among those militias – the Hamzat militia – who took control of the village of Basouta and carried out theft, looting, robbery and seizure of the property and homes of Kurdish citizens, including the villa of the retired colonel in the customs corps (before the 2011 Syrian crisis) citizen Abdo Misto Najjar nicknamed Abu Abdo, and they demand him for a sum of $200,000 in exchange for returning the villa to him or expelling him from the village, but he refused to obey their revolutionary decisions, which forced him to leave his home and property in the hands of the “Free Revolutionaries” of the Freedom and Dignity Revolution and going to the city of Aleppo, and on 15/06/2021 the Turkish intelligence and the Faylaq Al-Sham militia took over his field located between the villages of Basouta – Gurzele which contains olive and pomegranate trees, estimated at about 2000-2500 trees, and their trees were cut down and the soil was leveled in preparation for the establishment of a Turkish military base, in addition to building a settlement of 3500 housing units for the sons of mercenaries who were killed on the fronts of Libya, Azerbaijan and Kurdistan.