The Kurdish citizen has two options (giving up his right or accusing him)


The Human rights organization in Afrin: According to our sources that a member of the Military Police residing in the town of Midan Akbas of Rajo town, deposited a washing machine at the shop of the citizen Muhammad Ali Qadib Al-Ban located in the Rajo market for the purpose of repair.

Sources added that the officer, on Tuesday, 15/06/2021, attended with his cousin, refusing to pay the repair fee by force of arms, as he is from the Free Syrian National Army, the “Free Revolutionaries.” Rather, he threatened and framed him for any pretext, to spend a year or perhaps years in prison and forced him he had to go with him to the Military Police branch, accompanied by his relative, Husam Muhammad Ali Qadib Al-Ban, “the son of the owner of the shop.”