Sabotage and threats are among the tasks of the Free Revolutionaries “Free Syrian National Army”


The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: According to our sources that members of the Faylaq Al Sham militia controlling the village of Semala (The Seven Villages of Maydanas) of Rajo town, led by the so-called Abu Abdullah and Abu Duraid, on Tuesday, 29/06/2021, cut off the road in front of the citizen Shaban Sheikho while he was heading to the orchard accompanied by His wife and threatened to beat him, because of the complaint he submitted, accompanied by the citizen Khalil Sheikh Esmat, to the faction’s security headquarters in the town of Midan Akbas, in observance of their digging trenches inside their fields of vegetable orchards and vineyards for the manufacture of charcoal and causing severe material damage to the season harvest.

The same sources added that when the security elements conducted the inspection and saw the trenches, they were given a week to remove the coal from the citizens’ fields without taking any immediate legal measures (deterring them) against them, which infuriated the merchants of the armed militias “Free Syrian National Army” and threatened the citizens again on Wednesday morning 30/06/2021 and heard vulgar and obscene words and assured that they would not back down from what they are doing and will not frighten them.” Security Headquarters – nor Major Hisham Neither al-Khalidi, nor Erdogan himself, “as they are from the Free Syrian National Army.