The weakness of the medical staff caused a Kurdish citizen to lose her life

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: Maryam Aisha, 36, from the village of Chaqmaq Kabir of Rajo town, who lived in the military hospital in the city of Afrin, on Sunday, 06/06/2021, lost her life in mysterious circumstances after undergoing a urinary tract operation.

According to what local sources reported to the Human Rights Organization in Afrin, that the operation was not successful due to urine exiting from the poles, which led them to perform a second surgery, which was also unsuccessful after obtaining the consent of her mother-in-law accompanying her, the medical staff suggested transferring her to Turkish hospitals, however, her poor health condition lost her life due to the weakness of the medical staff and the lack of necessary attention to the patient from the beginning. As for what is rumored about the theft of organs and other things, it is untrue, as she told her relatives while washing the body of the citizen Maryam and burying her accordingly.

Note that the citizen Maryam is the wife of the kidnapper Asaad Akash Khalil, 43, who is currently in a Turkish prison on charges of dealing with the former de facto authority, was suffering from nervous tension, and she is a mother of four children.