The mouthpiece of the Free Syrian National Army – the Kurdish should choose to “pay the ransom or accuse

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin: According to our sources that the members of the Hamzat militia controlling the village of Hassan Kalkawi of Rajo town, accused four citizens of the village of dealing with the de facto authority “the previous administration” or paying the financial ransom, and after bargaining with them by the so-called Captain “Ali”, a sum of 500 Turkish lira from every citizen, and the next day, Captain Ali came with the Turkish intelligence, on Monday morning, 28/06/2021, and they kidnapped them on charges of standing guard duty due to their old age (all of them are over fifty years old), and they took them to unknown destination, without knowing their fate until now, and they are each of:
1 – Fahim Nazmi Hassan.
2- Izzat Hamid Hassan.
3- Sabri Abdeen Ali.
4- Khalil Ali Ali.