The opposite direction in hitting targets

A group of auxiliary forces loyal to the Syrian regime “Afrin Liberation Forces” stationed in the village of Sogunaka – Sherawa – infiltrated through the Lulak Valley, located between the villages of Kimar and Korzila, to the areas controlled by the Turkish occupation forces and the armed militias of the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition at dawn On Friday, November 27, 2020, with the aim of carrying out a military operation against armed militias and attacking a military headquarters located in the Mountain of Dreams, but they instead attacked the Kurdish citizens who are among their fields and shepherds, and after hearing the sounds of bullets, a number of farmers and shepherds fled Hidden among the rocks, but they were able to carry out their heinous crime and kill all of:

2 _ The shepherd, Abd al-Rahman Hamo, 75, killed him with a bullet in the head, and then smashed him with more than ten bullets.

3 _ The young Massoud Majid Jammo, 30, was hit in the leg and fled as soon as he heard the sounds of bullets accompanied by a number of other farmers and shepherds, while the son of the victim, Abd al-Rahman Hamo, hid from view among the rocks, who saw how his father was killed by the YPG forces _ or what It is called “Afrin Liberation Forces,” who were able to neutralize Kurds from Kurdish land during their military operation within the framework of Afrin resistance.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin