Relationships of the head of the local council in Raju district with the militia leaders

First – Armed militias affiliated with the Sham Legion, led by Salil al-Khalidi, nicknamed Abu Hassan, who control the town of Akbis in the Rajo district, under the direction of the Turkish occupation forces, on Sunday November 22/2020, prevented a number of residents of the town and neighboring villages from Cultivate their lands and spray wheat seeds, and they are all of:

1- The Mukhtar of the village of Qara Baba, the citizen Shukri Bakr, was changed and the seal was withdrawn from him, with the complicity of the head of the local council of the district, called Fadhel Horo, due to his preventing the militia members from controlling the lands of his relatives and confiscating it and appointing a new mayor in his place (Amin Bakr) on condition that their requirements are implemented.

2 _ The mayor of the town of Medan Akbis Ali Arab was prevented from cultivating his land on the town’s plain, which is estimated at 250 sacks of wheat, and seizing it and cultivating it for their personal benefit.

3- Citizen Muhammad Qadir, from the village of Kariyeh (Al-Midaniyat), was prevented from cultivating his land on the road to the town of Medan Akbes.

4- Citizen Sherif Suleiman Hassan, from the village of Dodeh (Al-Maydaniyat), was prevented from cultivating his land near the Black River.

The leader of the Sham Legion militia, Salil al-Khalidi, and Major Hisham, are preventing the people of Adama village from cultivating their land with wheat and barley and confiscating it in order to seize it and cultivate it for their personal benefit.

Second: The armed militia members, with their various names under the name of the Free Syrian National Army, steal and plunder the olive harvest from the indigenous Kurdish population, sometimes in the name of royalty and at other times in the name of the percentage and zakat, in addition to the process of collecting the ransom after randomly kidnapping the people, as well as Seizing their homes and crops on false charges and arguments for the forcibly displaced outside the region, and despite the above inhumane practices and violations against the Kurds, they threaten and intimidate anyone who thinks about submitting a complaint against their right to the formal responsible authorities, the “Committee for the Reduction of Rights and Grievances”, which It cannot fulfill its duties in resolving their cases and restoring their usurped rights, considering some members of the committee are made up of the militia leaders themselves. Two days ago, we discussed the practices carried out by the so-called Abu Hassan, commander of the 121st division that controls the following villages (Beyond us – Damliya – Khizyano – Chetana) and his plundering and looting of oil tanks and royalty opportunities for the Kurdish citizens.

Meanwhile, the elite militia members controlling the village of Amara in the Maabatli district threaten a number of the villagers in case they file any complaint against them because of their seizure of the crop of more than 500 olive trees belonging to a citizen and compensate him with a small sum of money compared to the price of the crop. As we previously mentioned, a family was expelled from their field near the main road to the sub-district, and militia members harvested more than 600 olive trees.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin