Soldiers on call with new clothes and agendas

After the Turkish government failed to market the military force it had previously formed from various forces, sectarian components, and intellectual and religious currents after excluding most of the professional opposition officers, who defected from the Syrian regime within the framework of the so-called “Free Syrian National Army” of the Syrian Interim Government and the National Coalition Its loyalists, in the representation of what is called the “Syrian revolution” as a result of its transformation into militias and mercenaries and its subordination in implementing the agendas, interests and expansionist policies of the Turkish government, and carrying out inhuman practices and violations under the direct supervision and direction of the Turkish intelligence, and what is the condemnation of the international community For these practices and assigning their responsibility to the Turkish government as it is the sole sponsor and financier for them. It was an opportunity to get rid of them and evade responsibility. Therefore, the Turkish government took a unique, advanced step to get rid of the legacy of the Free Syrian National Army by sending some of them as mercenaries to Libya and then Azerbaijan and deciding to form an alternative military force under the name of The Free Syria Movement “led by the so-called Deedan Hasan al-Kali (commander of the Falcons Brigade within the framework of the Hamzat militia), who includes in its ranks most of the former armed militia elements in new uniforms and with their ideological and cultural concepts reproduced from the above, so that the priority is in their religious reference _ Salafism _ and hard-line religious thinking _ Accusing the opponents of atheism and apostasy.

The manufacture of the new force took place in a short record period of time, coinciding with the expected upcoming developments on the Syrian-Turkish arena, and in line with the coming international conditions, but in essence it does not differ from the previous in terms of the services it will provide from the implementation of its expansionist agendas and policies and the interests of the occupation government Al-Turki, at the expense of the Syrian national interests and its various ethnic components.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin