The commander of the Sham Legion seizes the property of the Kurds in the north

First – The armed militia members of the Sham Legion, led by Salil al-Khalidi, known as Abu Hassan, and Major Hisham, who control the town of Akbis Square in Rajo District, this morning, Sunday, November 29, 2020, prevent the people from going to their fields, and cut off Olive trees in the fields between the town of Medan Akbes and the village of Baniraka, owned by the following citizens:

1 _ Ayoub Bakr 2 _ Khader Mohi Bakr 3 _ Abdul Rahman Bakr 4 _ Muhammad Ibrahim, nicknamed (Qajero).

And the cutting process continues until the moment this news is prepared, noting that the fields contain more than 4000 olive trees.

Second – Civilian police officers in Maabatli district center, on Wednesday 26/11/2020, kidnapped citizen Muhammad Muhammad Haydar bin Shawqi, 30, from the village of Hayat, affiliated to Ma’abatli district, while he was in the town to issue a firewood license, on charges of dealing with the previous administration And compulsory service for the purpose of extortion and collecting ransoms, and taking him to the security headquarters in the district without knowing his fate until now.

Knowing that, during the past year, he was kidnapped on the same charge, and he was released after paying a sum of money.

Third – On Thursday, 11/26/2020, members of the Military Police in Shia district kidnapped a family from the village of Anqla sub-district, shortly after the arrival of one of their sons from the city of Aleppo, on charges of communicating with the Syrian regime and taking them to the military headquarters in the sub-district Without knowing their fate until now, and they are:

1- Nurhameen Kilo, 58, widow of the late Sheikho Hamid Nebo 2- Josephine Sheikho Hamid, 41 years old 3- Mikael Sheikho Hamid 4- Sufian Akram Nabo, 43 years old 5_ Leader Muhammad, nicknamed “Toubou”, 40 years old

Fourth – Turkish intelligence and military police officers in the Rajo district center, on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, raided the village of Adama in the sub-district and kidnapped two citizens from the people of the village on charges of dealing with the previous administration and compulsory service, and took them to the security headquarters in the district center Without knowing their fate until now, and they are both:

1- Ali Adnan Ali Hajj, 20 years old. 2- Ramadan Muhammad Ali Haj, 57 years old.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin